The Feminist Python Meetup Vienna takes on an epic quest: going against sexism in the tech-community and industry. Wow.

It all started with the SciPy women*’s workshop. This is how they noticed their hunger for more. So after the PyDays Vienna 2018 it was clear what had to be done. Inspired by this shared momentum and earlier experiences with feminist python workshops, they started something new.

In another daring try against sexism, women* and non-binary folks meet up once a month. To share, learn, encourage and explore python together or side-by-side. Because if one is out there alone against the sexism in the industry, one might slip away from it. But if we team up, it might be an epic quest, but it sure isn’t an impossible one.

So if you are looking for a community of women* and non-binary folks, who share some curiosity/enthusiasm for Python, feel encouraged to show up at one of our meetings!

Technical details: