[0x03] August 2018

We met on Wednesday, 8th August at the Planet 10.

We had a small python beginners workshop in the first hour. Then we continued with a talk on “Introduction to Pandas” in the second hour. Afterwards we socialized and discussed about organizational staff. There was plans to start a meetup page and prepare a basic website using flask. Also there should be a public channel and a closed organization channel for our meetups on the Python Austria Slack.

We also talked about trying out a new format for the first hour (welcome & learning space) next time. We want to have at least three people who act as mentors so we can form smaller groups who want to learn something. Nothing has to be prepared in advance, but that way we could have e.g. a group who works on setting up python and getting to know the interactive mode, executing scripts and using Jupyter notebooks, while another group already works on basic language concepts and still another group already goes into detail about a more advanced topic.

The data sets used in the “Introduction to Pandas” talk are from kaggle.com:

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