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[0xC] September 2019: Fuzzing and pwntools

Our summer break is now over and we are happy to announce that the next meetup will take place on Wednesday the 25th of September at 17:30. The location hasn’t been confirmed yet, so stay tuned for more information. We will be meeting at Code Factory in the 5th district as usual.

Nicole will be talking about fuzzing and Python pwntools and we will even have a small CTF at the end.

Our schedule:
17:30-18:00: Welcome
18:00-19:00: Nicole’s talk on fuzzing
19:00-19:30: Chillout

Hope to see you there!

[0xB] June 2019

We met on Thursday, the 13th of June at the Code Factory.

Elen started her presentation by briefly telling us about MicroPython and the ESP8266 – a very cheap microcontroller that is often used in Internet of Things devices. Then it was time to connect to our boards and write some Python code to get the led light to blink! After that Zoé explained some basic principles of electronics.

The slides and some useful scripts are available here.

If you feel like experimenting (= automating all the things) with the ESP8266 microcontroller, there will be some at July’s meetup that you can buy for 2 euros!

the led can be turned on and off at the press of a button (programmed in less than 15 lines of Python code!)

[0xB] June 2019: Hands-on introduction to MicroPython

We are thrilled to invite you to the 11th feminist python meetup for non-binary folks and women on the 13th of June at Code Factory 1050 starting at 17:30.

Elen will be giving us an introduction to MicroPython, which is an implementation of Python designed to run on microcontrollers.

The schedule:
17:30 – 18:00: Welcome
18:00 – 20:00-ish: MicroPython workshop with Elen
20:00 – 20:30: Chilling & chatting

Our invitation policy can be found here.

We hope to see you there!

May 2019: Analysing political debates

Our next meetup will take place on Sunday the 5th of May at 10 am
at the Computational Physics group in Sensengasse 8/10, 1090.

Our meetup this time will have a data science focus. Maryam Ahmed analysed the large archive of British political debates with Natural Language Processing and will look at her results from a feminist perspective.

We are going to start early at around 10 am and there will be breakfast and coffee!

[0x09] April 2019

We met on Tuesday, the 9th of April at Code Factory.

We had two workshops this time: Zoé gave an amazing introduction to Inkscape and SVG. After that Saara showed how you can manipulate SVG XMLs dynamically with Python using both Jinja2 and BeautifulSoup. The example project was a script to generate personalized name tags for the Python meetup! The code and some example name tags are available on our newly created Github organization page!

[0x07] February 2019

Our first meetup of 2019 was held at Code Factory on the 14th of February.

Carina gave a great talk about information security that sparked a lot of discussion. We discussed what feminist hacking is/can be, the different career options in infosec as well as what skills are useful for a hacker. She also introduced the most common attack types and some ways of detecting attacks. We also talked about learning more about unix and web application security by playing war games on Overthewire. Check out her slides for more information and cool links!

[0x05] November 2018

The fifth meetup was organized at Code Factory on the 8th of November 2018.

Ivana kicked off the meetup by introducing us to Flask, a lightweight framework for creating websites and APIs. We learned the basics of Flask including routing, returning dynamic data from query parameters and how to style a website using HTML and CSS.

Saara gave a talk about webscraping using Requests and BeautifulSoup. The talk walked through the process of creating a webscraper by demoing a scraper she wrote to extract the menus of restaurants on Foodora.